Jan 05, 2018 · Think the .30-06 is outdated as a big-game cartridge? Think again. Paired with modern, high-performance bullets, the ought-six is still one of the top hunting cartridges around.

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Aug 22, 2017 · Whatever game bullet you fire from a .30-06 will kill an elk. As blunt .303 softpoints loafing from SMLE rifles at 2,300 fps have clobbered myriad Canada moose, and Sweden’s hunters have reaped as efficiently with the 6.5×55, gentle, century-old loads still bring elk to bag. Oct 10, 2010 · By today’s standard .30-06 velocities are unimpressive, but because of its popularity it is always on the cutting edge of new developments. The first Hornady Superformance loads were, naturally, in .30-06. At 3016 fps, this 165-grain Superformance load is solidly into .300 Winchester Magnum territory. Synology smartphone app

Many of us know intellectually that the .30-06 is a good all-around big game cartridge, but explanations are not experience. The .30-06 was the most common chambering for big game rifles when I started hunting in Montana in the mid-1960s, though some hunters thought it was unnecessarily powerful. My ... The .30-06 can be quite accurate with about any concoction, including reduced-velocity loads, and I have included two in my data chart--one for use on small game at close to medium ranges; the other a .30-30 Winchester-equivalent load that's just the ticket for a young deer hunter who is a bit sensitive to recoil. Long live the .30-06 Springfield.

The 30-06 while a great cartridge in my opinion was designed like all hand held military cartridges to kill or even better wound a 150 pound man. While many an elephant has probably been taken with a 30-06, it is not in my opinion a prudent practice for the guy who expects to die in bed. I haven't tried RL-22 in 06 but I know it works good .300 Win mag. If those bullets don't work out for you, you may want to try 180gr. Nosler Accubond bullets. I get super accuracy with them in 30-06, and .300Win mag., also great performance on Elk. and cheaper than partitions. They also work great in the .270Win with 140gr. bullets. I get it. In today's long range hunting world of high powered magnums the 30.06 might be laughed outta the conversation - especially for elk. 30 years ago though I am sure that it was the choice of many. My current set up is a Rem 700 30.06 with a Leupold 4-10x35mm. I have a CDS turret...

Dost ki mumy ki chadi utaariAno ang baogBy Chuck Hawks. Listed below are North American Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain elk loads for most of the reasonably popular rifle calibers. Not every possible caliber is listed, of course, but if you shoot an unlisted caliber there will probably be a listed caliber that is similar. Jan 05, 2018 · Think the .30-06 is outdated as a big-game cartridge? Think again. Paired with modern, high-performance bullets, the ought-six is still one of the top hunting cartridges around.

Nov 28, 2012 · .30-06 has been killing herds of elk for years. Its ethical range depends more on the gun, load, and shooter than anything. Your garden variety '06 is fully capable out to 400 yards or so. After that the bullets start dropping so fast you need some turrets. A ballistic reticle properly matched to the load could get you to 500.

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Forever I shot 180 bullets in my 30-06. Factory loads were Remington CoreLokt. Worked very well for deer and elk. I had bad luck using 165 grain. Too much damage and insufficient knock-down. Keep your shots less than 200 yards and 180s will do you just fine. Personally I don't think anyone should be shooting at deer beyond that anyway. Civ 6 troops on borderArk forums
Best 30-06 Elk Loads? The Sierra Gameking from Federal is another great choice, and of course the Hornady Light Magnum 180, at a claimed MV of 2880 fps, is another winner. For a 200 grain 30-06, I guess a Nosler would be best, I've never loaded 200 grain bullets in my 30-06. An Ode to the .30-06 Springfield. by Philip ... or elk in the Rockies with a 180-grain spitzer ... The serious hunting loads usually use bullets between 150 and 220 ...